Why Do We Love Online Advertising

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We Love Online Advertising Because… 

online advertising Online advertising – Why do we love it? asked Tom Breeze at the conclusion of a recent 2-day event he delivered in association with the Digital Experts Academy. There were a lot of answers. Suffice to say If you didn’t love online advertising before this exclusive event you’d be crazy not to after it!

I can’t go into details on what Tom covered in his presentation as it’s part of a deal between Stuart Ross and Tom exclusively available to DEA Gold affiliates. I can tell you that he specialises in Youtube advertising and that he shared the exact methods he uses within his mega successful online advertising agency.

Actually I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you lol : )

So although in this case the medium is video, it exploits the sheer potential of online advertising in general. Speaking for myself, I love it for it’s unique targeting and scaling possibilities. The ROI that can be had from well thought out and delivered online advertising campaigns is just mind blowing.

Internnet Advertising – The Search 

online advertisingWhat we’re really talking about here is search-based advertising. The 3 ways you can use Youtube for advertising all hinge on search. In other words you know in advance what people are looking for online by the simple fact that they are telling you.

If someone for example types “best pram to buy” into Google you can be fairly sure that they probably want to buy a pram. If you have prams to sell then those are the people to get in front of. Obviously that’s a simplified example but actually it can be that simple.

The information that advertising platforms provide before, during and after your campaigns makes it very easy to see what works and what doesn’t. It’s then simple to adjust the campaigns accordingly. If you spend £10 on a campaign and it generates £50 profit then you’ll probably keep that going with a bigger budget.

If you spend £10 and get nothing you’ll still have a ton of information to analyse and correct whatever wasn’t working. Online advertising is unique in this respect. You just don’t get this sort of information with traditional advertising in press, radio or TV. The costs are also far lower than any of those – hit or miss – formats.

Search advertising has been around for some time now. Along with the well-known platforms like Google or Bing there are a host of other networks to try. Obviously the bigger the platform, the higher the competition and cost. Youtube advertising though is still fairly young and therefore – for those that know what they are doing – very cheap.

The Future Of Online Advertising

online advertisingNext time you see one of those pesky “skip ad in 5 seconds” ads on a video you want to watch remember this: They are making a select few marketers a lot of money. Yes there is a clever technique and strategy involved but like most effective marketing it’s based on common sense and testing.

In the “skip in 5 seconds” Youtube online advertising platform (instream) you actually select the videos that your ads will appear on. Why in hells name then do so many advertisers decide to advertise things that are totally unrelated to the videos they appear on? I can only assume that they imagine any viral video is worth a shot.

Then again, long it may that continue as it makes it even easier for those of us who actually do know how to do it right.

Online advertising platforms and strategies come and go. What’s working today might not tomorrow. Search advertising in one form or another though is here to stay. It just happens that right now Youtube is hot. Both Stuart Ross and Tom Breeze reckons that will the case for some time to come.

The 2 day course on Youtube online advertising I mentioned, along with an associated campaign builder, is now included for DEA Gold affiliates. It’s worth the membership cost alone in my opinion. Find out more about SFM and DEA’s digital marketing education and business community on the link below.

By Dave Menzies