The Many Profitable Uses of Educational Technology

The Uses of Educational Technology

Somewhere in Canada a man looks at a small glass tablet as he sips his coffee on the sun kissed balcony of his house. On the tablet’s screen, he watches a group of people telling their stories; their reasons for choosing to turn their backs on the traditional way of living. It’s something he’s interested in – this use of technology to generate income. He’s always been happier working for himself anyway but this has usually involved physical work. Lately that has become less enjoyable. He is not getting any younger and the bad back is becoming annoying.

The people he is watching are from several different countries and time zones and though they are all very different they have a common goal and it’s making sense. He can identify with some of the people more than others of course – that’s only natural – like the use of technology itself

He has been following the writings of one of the guys on his screen after subscribing to his blog and decides to get in touch. He’s actually watching this live broadcast on the guy’s website and there’s a pop up box that appears there so that he can send a message to arrange a conversation. He already knows the guy is a musician, is a little anti establishment and seems very straight talking so there is some common ground already.

Uses Of Technology In Everyday Life

On the other side of the planet where it’s 8 hours later the guy on the broadcast receives the message. It’s been a long day so he replies and suggests they arrange a video conversation the following day to suit their respective time zones. He makes a grabbing motion on the screen of his tablet as if scrunching up a bit of paper and the broadcast screen disappears revealing in it’s place a collection of small icons.

As he walks into another room he touches one of the icons and a video conferencing screen opens – he types in a contact request to the guy in Canada and leaves a message for him. He does the paper-crunching thing again then presses another icon, which opens his large music collection. He chooses a compilation of tracks he has previously created and sets the tablet down while he starts to prepare his dinner.

Whilst not long ago this kind of educational technology might have read like science fiction, it’s just the way we live now. The technology we have at our fingertips and take for granted is truly awesome. The ability to connect with others for business and pleasure is crazy.

Where Educational Technology Can Take You 

The scenario above is actually just one of a number of similar scenarios that happened to me last week. I’m the guy on the broadcast and the guy in Canada is one of my subscribers. The scenario began by me placing an advert on Facebook aimed at reaching people who are entrepreneurial, have an interest in the use of technology and read books and magazines on subjects like starting a home business, leveraging the use of technology and a couple of other things.

By using the SFM system – a turnkey marketing and educational platform I’m able build relationships like this with complete strangers – anywhere in the connected world- that can eventually lead to great things. By the time we actually get to talk directly, we already know a bit about each other.

I don’t know about you but I find this absolutely amazing. It’s also a very nice way to do business and to help people to use all this technology to create new ways of living. This is modern digital marketing. The people part is important again. We can’t really completely rely on  automation these days for the simple fact that we are all so used to this use of technology now.

We want to embrace the choices working online offers us but we want to know, like and trust the people who are telling us about it.

Why not begin your journey as my friend in Canada did, by watching the same series of videos he did. Just click on the image below and the journey will start – it’s up to you where it takes you – you probably have all the educational technology you need to start…

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