Why You Should Write Your Meta Story

What Actually is a Meta Story?

meta storyThe Meta story is the basis of the book “How to make lots of Money for anything fast” , by Stuart Lichtman and Joe Vitale winners of possibly the cheesiest book title of all time! Saying that though – if you saw it on a website or a bookshelf you’d probably be at least curious enough to take a look: wouldn’t you?

The book, or more accurately it’s contents, were actually the subject of our weekly “Success by hangout” webinar last night. Although our panel have different levels of experience with this book and it’s teachings, it was a very lively discussion.

So what’s it all about? Well the book is all about meta stories and that’s really what we were talking about. A meta story is a way of training your subconscious mind to drive you towards success – in whatever area you want it. You start your meta story by writing down on some detail, an experience from your past where you achieved something positive.

In the book the author gives the example of receiving a big paycheque for delivering a training series. He includes details about where he was when he got the check, what the weather was like, how it made him feel etc. The more detail the better. This also includes any negative feelings associated with the memory. In this case details about a painful back problem that really took the shine off the experience.

The Meta Story Process

You then re-write the experience leaving out the negative stuff. That gives you the basis for a series of mental and physical exercises including writing the new meta story down 100 times. It goes on from there – It’s not easy. I’ve heard it described as like pulling barbed wire out of your ass (Thanks Steve!)

So what’s the point? Well put simply it’s this: Without training our subconscious minds find it much easier to take the lazy, negative aspects of life to inform the way we think and act. In the above example the subconscious would be saying something like – “Yeah that was a big pay day but what about the bad back eh ? – You would have happily paid the money back to not have the pain wouldn’t you?” A very bad meta story.

Re-wiring The Subconscious with a  Meta Story



That’s the default setting for most of us. It’s all to do with associations, peers, human nature and a host of baggage that has built up. By training the subconscious to associate only positive things with our goals, ambitions and wants, we stand a much better chance of attaining them.


So if your thinking – “I want next weeks paycheque to be bigger than last months”, for example – the untrained subconscious is saying – “That’ll never happen – never has never will”. The meta story trained subconscious on the other hand will be saying – “lets get to work then – we did achieve that big success last year after all that we’ve been writing about all day so of course we can do it”.

This is a very simplified explanation of what is actually a very detailed, scientific, tried tested and proven system of brain training (despite the cheesy title) The system is actually called Cybernetic Transposition. Would you open that if you saw it on a bookshelf? – Method to the madness.

The book and writing your meta story comes highly recommended by serial serial entrepreneur and co-founder of The Digital Experts Academy, Jay Kubassek. He actually recommends the book in his success blueprint – part of the mindset training provided to members.

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why you should write your meta story