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video editing software

Why Screenflow Video Editing Software Rocks My World

video editing softwareHaving used a number of video editing software programmes I now find that Screenflow by Telestream is the one for me. I also have both Adobe Premier Pro and Imovie. Since discovering how easy Screenflow makes green screen or chroma key editing I’m more convinced than before.

Whilst Abdobe’s premier pro undoubtedly has more “pro” features, it can be a very time consuming and awkward programme for a self-taught video maker like me. Imovie too has some great features but for me it’s just not as intuitive as video editing software needs to be for my purposes.

I make videos for marketing purposes. For the audiences I approach, fancy, mega expensive looking videos are actually not the way to go. They need to be good quality of course. I shoot with a great DSLR camera and have invested in some modest lighting, backdrops and audio kit.

Usually my videos are just me to camera but I do sometimes add captions or incorporate slides or whiteboards. So what I’m looking for from video editing software is an adequate set of tools, and a simple and quick workflow. I want a good quality end result that doesn’t take 4 hours to export or upload to Youtube or Wistia.

Video Editing Software Without All The Faffing About

video editing softwareScreenflow video editing software does exactly that. I can record my screen (what most people think Screenflow is limited to). It also lets me record from my Macbook’s in built camera simultaneously or separately. Additionally I can import videos, images, keynote slides and audio from my laptop. This means I can compile videos from all of those places. I add text, annotations, highlight mouse movements or areas in the content. I’ve also just found a host of video and audio effects, including green screen.

Many video editing software programmes have Green screen features. Many have far more advanced tweaking controls than the 3 that Screenflow offers. For me though, less is definitely more. I’ve spent hours in the past trying to perfect a green screen video on Adobe Premier Pro for instance. As the video tutorial I made with Screenflow about my very first attempt with that programme shows, I was able to get a very good first time result in my basic home office cum studio.

Simpler Green Screen With Screenflow

gs2I mainly wanted a simple green screen solution for one reason. My living room windows feature a stunning view over the Firth of Clyde. I wanted to shoot videos of me sat at a glass table in front of those windows. The problem is that there is way too much light coming through those windows. There is no simple way of lighting myself adequately in front of them. So now I  shoot the view andimport it to the Screenflow video editing software. Then I film myself against the green screen in the office separately. Then it’s just a matter of marrying the two together.

2019 Update:

I’ve since painted a wall in my office/studio with Chroma key green. The results are much better.

With a few simple controls and a little tweaking I can get the desired effect. Bearing in mind that Youtube offers a number of ways to embed clickable links in videos I can also plan ahead a little: If I position myself carefully in the shot I can point to where I plan to add captions or clickable images later once uploaded to Youtube. That’ll do for me thanks very much!

If you’d like to watch my video tutorial on exactly what kit I used and how I used Screenflow video editing software to create a green screen video, click on any of the images in the post. Have fun!

video editing software

By Dave Menzies