Best Video Tools

The best video tools make the job of creating engaging videos easier. These are the video tools I use most for creating everything from talking head videos and tutorials to green screen music videos. 

It Starts With The Editor

Since editing software is the central component for creating video lets start with that. For a number of years I have used Screenflow by Telestream which is now on its 9th version. I have Imovie on my Macbook and I have also used Adobe’s Premeire Pro in the past. I just find Screenflow simpler to use than both. It also offers screen capture recording which makes it one of the best video tools available for tutorial videos. 


Simple and intuitive to use

Good support Forum

Updated annually 

Screen Capture and standard editing 

Now supports multiple video formats


Mac Only 

Sometimes takes a little while to adapt to Apple software updates

Occassionally gets bogged down when using multiple video effects

Full details and pricing can found at Telestream’s Screenflow page HERE

Best Video Tools – Viddyoze

Next on my list of best video tools is Viddyoze. This has been around for a few years now and has just had a major update which makes it even better. Viddyoze is a cloud based software that generates pro quailty animations and video clips from fully customiseable templates. If you want to add some real polish to your videos but don’t have a huge budget this is well worth checking out. 

Animations. live action scenes, lower thirds, transitions and overlays can cost a fortune to commission. Viddyoze offers a huge number of these components in template which you can customise to suit your brand and message.

You get a good number of templates with a basic account but can also join their template club to get a new batch every month. You simply pick a template, customise the text, colour and music, wait for it to render and download it. Then its a simple matter of importing to Screenflow or whatever editor you use. 


Generates Very high quality clips and animations

Cloud based 

Renders quickly

Excellent training videos and webinars


Check out Viddyoze here 

The Video Tool That Does It For You

If you are not a video editor Vidnami might be right up your street. Again, based in the cloud, this software basically creates videos for you based on a script. The script is shown as text on your video which is very popular on many social platforms. Like Viddyoze, Vidnami uses templates but this time as the basis for the entire video style. You choose a template to suit your project -Youtube, Facebook etc. Each has a little description to help you select.  

The you load in your script and let the programme whizz through it’slibrary of royalty free clips and images and matches them to your sentences. You can then edit the sections it creates by swapping the images or clips manually and moing or changing the text as you see fit.

You can record or upload a voiceover and select background music from Vidnami’s library or your own. Vidnami also has a speech recognition option. It’s probably the best video tool for creating entire videos – hell you don’t even need to appear on camera.


Easy use 

No need to appear on video or create videos manually 

Good range of video and still images 

Speech to text facility


Monthly subscription can be expensive if you don’t use it often – can be cancelled any time though or offset via there affiliate programme.

Speech to text quite inaccurate and needs a lot of tweaking

Vidnami’s demo page 

Best Video Tools In Summary…

If you are a marketer who uses video to promote goods and services these are some of the best video tools I’ve found over the last 7 years. All three offer affiliate programmes too so you can earn commission by promoting them to your audience. 

If you create videos for others commercially, these tools are also great for quickly creating budget friendly videos. Screenflow is a well featured video editor without the complexity and steep learning curves associated with higher end editors.

Viddyoze is amazing for creating logo and title animations for your customers – ideal as free introductory giveaways. Vidnami saves the time and expense of creating video from scratch. You can even outsource scripts, voiceovers and music from Fivver etc so really don’t have to create anything manually.  

You can get an awful lot done with these three tools and they won’t break the bank. I hope you found this useful and would encourage you to check out the full details of each via the provided links. I am an affiliate for all three and will earn a small commission if you purchase via these links. This wont cost you any more – in some cases will actually get you a discount or special offer.