How To Be Comfortable On Camera – If You’re Not Already

Learning How To Be Comfortable on Camera

how to be comfortable on camera

Learning how to be comfortable on camera is like anything really. You just need to practice. To many people the idea of being filmed is as terrifying as the idea of public speaking. Video has become an essential part of digital marketing so learning how to be comfortable on camera is just something you will need to do.

You could avoid the issue by getting someone else to do the presenting or use animation or slideshows instead.  To my mind though nothing beats the human touch. So assuming you’ve decided to conquer those fears, here is one way to learn how to be comfortable on camera.

I’ve just completed my final video in a 90 day video challenge with a group of 80 or so and growing fellow members of the SFM. It was incredible to take part in and also to watch everyone else’s journeys from nervous first timer to seasoned pro!

 How to be Comfortable on Camera – Start Among Friends

I realize this is an exclusive little club but the idea is one that any group of people could use to help each other learn how to be comfortable on camera. It’s one thing recording yourself talking to the camera but quite another letting other people – maybe the world see it. It makes sense therefore to practice in a safe environment where you’ll only get positive feedback, criticism and encouragement.

The way our 90 day challenge worked allowed everyone to go at their own pace. Whether or not the videos were posted to Youtube or elsewhere or kept private was up to the individual. Most started with a simple introductory video and developed from there. It’s safe to say that most people taking part got comfortable pretty quickly.

It’s that first video that is the biggest hurdle. You just have to jump in. I’d say most of our group used Iphones and shot their videos from home. Pretty soon though we were seeing videos shot in cars or whilst out and about. Some people got into editing as they got more and more comfortable with it and in most cases the improvement was very clear.

“Um’s” and “Erms”, began to disappear, the messages in the videos and their delivery became more natural. Captions and intro graphics began to appear and I know there were lots of side conversations going on in Facebook and on Skype – “How did you do that?” – “Where did you get the graphics from?” and a really supportive community feeling surrounded the project.

Learning How to be Comfortable on Camera – The Virtual Classroom

how to be comfortable on cameraWithin the SFM there is the added advantage of ongoing expert training on shooting video and how to be comfortable in front of a camera. This is fantastic but nothing beats an ongoing “classroom” environment for practical experience.

It’s also amazing when people like SFM co-founder Stuart Ross get involved by lending their support and by actually contributing videos themselves. At one point Stuart actually decided to send presents to a couple of people for their efforts – Canon desktop cameras in fact.

On top of learning how to be comfortable on camera, this 90 day challenge has created friendships. People have got to know each other. People have helped each other and have emerged as leaders and as people able to leverage the undeniable power of video marketing. Learning how to be comfortable on camera has actually turned out to be only a small part of the overall experience. It’s been and continues to be about personal development.

If you’re not part of a community like SFM – Why Not ! lol – You can still take some lessons from this. Get with some like-minded people and set up a private Facebook group. Post your videos on there and comment honestly but constructively on each other’s stuff.

If you want to get really serious about it and learn from some of the world’s masters of video marketing then you should take a look at the SFM educational platform. Click the link on the left and get their free introductory video series.