How To Get More Youtube Subscribers

How do you get more Youtube subscribers? This is a question that pops up frequently on my Quora feed. I suspect that many are looking for a quick, easy fix but sadly there isn’t one. You can buy comments, likes and even subscribers but that’s a sure way to get your channel shut down by Google as are most “shortcuts”. In recent years Youtube have taken some fairly rigorous steps to penalise ‘Bad actors”, and generally police the platform more strictly.

While this is basically a good thing it does make it harder to build new channels, particularly if you want to monetize them. Here are some steps you can take however to get more subscribers on your Youtube channels

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I’ve also shot a video version you can watch here if you prefer. I’ve included links to some great resources that I touch on in this post.

Get More Youtube Subscribers – Put Yourself In A Viewer’s Shoes

In order to get more Youtube subscribers the first thing you need to think about is giving viewers a reason to subscribe.  Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself “Would I subscribe to this?” Exactly how you do this will depend on what your Channel is about and what you hope to achieve with it. The process however is the same for every Channel looking to get more subscribers.

You start with some research based around a few questions:

1. What are your viewers looking for on Youtube?

2. How does your channel help them with that?

3. What makes your content better than the competition?

The best way to get those answers is to look at what’s happening in your niche. Google, Youtube, social media forums are all great sources for this. Once you have identified an area of interest, a problem or a question that a lot of people are asking, you have the basis for a video.

When you are ready to shoot that video the next thing is to make it as good as possible. They don’t have to be works of technical perfection but to get more Youtube subscribers your videos need to be super relevant to the niche and subject. They need to be engaging, informative, entertaining, educational – in whatever mix is most suited to your audience. Above all they need to be well lit and the sound needs to be good. As with most things, practice makes perfect (a good camera, a few lights and decent microphones don’t hurt either)

Increasing Engagement

There are some things you can do spice up your videos too. You can add captions, overlays, titles, live action shots and effects. As a rule of thumb some sort of change every 8 seconds or so will increase engagement and watchtime. More importantly you can add calls to action. Lots of Youtubers forget that the simplest way to get viewers to subscribe is to ask them to! If you’ve done a good job, they probably will. I know I do. Check out my video – How To get more Youtube subscribers 2019 for some excellent resources.

So you’ve got a great video ready to upload. It’s super relevant to an eagerly waiting audience. It sounds great, looks great and can’t fail to get more Youtube subscribers. But how are they going to find it? When someone types in whatever it is they’re looking for on Youtube they are presented with lots of thumbnail images each with a little info. A good thumbnail can be half the battle in getting a click through to your video – which is half the battle in getting new subscribers on Youtube. Again you’ll find some great resources for creating thumbnails and optimising your video SEO in my video.