Screenflow 10 Review – Should You?

Screenflow 10, the latest version of Telestream’s screen recording and video editing landed this week. Current users will pay between $49 and $99 to upgrade depending on what version they are upgrading from. New users can get it for $149. I’ve been using Screenflow for many years now so upgraded as soon as I got the email. After playing around with it for some time, here’s what’s new.

Video Version

Telestream release an upgrade every year or so. Screenflow 10 is a lot more than the usual minor tweaks and updates that follow a Mac OS update. It’s been a while since anything new was added and to be fair it hasn’t really needed anything. That said, the new features are very welcome.

Animated Titles In Screenflow 10

screenflow 10 review - a screenshot of the animated headlines gallery now included in the software

One of the most obvious new features is that addition of ready made, animated titles. Screenflow 10 now comes with a good selection of customisable titles and lower thirds. This is really handy if, like me you’ve been creating those elsewhere until now. Not having to create, download and import titles just makes the workflow that bit quicker. They look really good too. Clicking on titles from drop down menu opens a gallery where you can preview what’s available.

Titles, text boxes, annotations and other items are now accessed from a quick drop down at the top left of the interface. Again this is a nice productivity feature as is the clip editor to its immediate left. The ability to edit clips before adding them to the timeline – was added in an earlier update. It’s is now easier to access. Annoyingly though this feature continues to mess with the interface sizing by stretching it beyond the screen size. You then have to spend time re-sizing everything. I’d hoped this would have been sorted by now. 

Telestream make much of their new background removal tool which now appears alongside Chroma key. It seems like a good idea since the now ubiquitous Zoom and Skype offer this feature and do it pretty well. Sadly Screenflow 10 doesn’t – at least not on my older Macbook pro. To be fair it is optimised for the new generation Macs so presumably works well on them. It does work on still images for me but not on video. I’ll be sticking with the legacy Chroma key feature. Another new feature – background blur – however does work well. 

Backgrounds And Other Features

screenflow 10 review - screenshot of the filters and effects gallery in the software

Background removal, blur and chroma key now live in the filters and effects section on the right side of the interface under the Video tab. Also newly added here are a range of Instagram style instant filters. The legacy video effects live here now too. They appear in gallery form although they are edited in the same corner of the screen as before. 

You can now hook up many more audio and video sources in Screenflow 10 than ever before. Iphones, Ipads and compatible video cameras can be added at the configure window. This is also where you add multiple mics via whatever interface you have. This could save a lot of time exporting and syncing different files. It will obviously take its toll on processing power though. 

Finally Telestream have added a lot more formating options, frame rates and direct export options.  You can select screen dimenions from 4k to Instagram and IGTV with a wide range of IOS specific formats in between. Since multiple cameras can now be used a number of extra frame rates have been added. When your masterpiece is finished you can now export directly to 7 video hosting accounts or as always to your desktop. 

So overall I’m impressed. Some of these new features were unexpected and will be very useful. Others, like the dissapointing instant background remove will hopefully be fixed in a future update.  If you were already used to the Screenflow workspace I think you’ll find it even easier to navigate. If you are looking at picking it up for the first time I’d say you’ve joined the journey at a great place.

For more details and to buy Screenflow 10 visit Telestream’s release page by clicking on the image below.