Screenflow Version 7 Review

Screenflow Version 7 The Good Gets Better

Screenflow version 7Screenflow version 7 hit the market recently. As an existing user and longtime fan I took advantage of the upgrade discount available. To be honest I see these annual upgrades as a no brainer and this one looks like no exception. Apart from a general refresh of the interface a few nice new features have been added. Telestream say that these have come directly from customer feedback. Lets take a quick look at what’s new.

If you’re used to using Screenflow the general workflow hasn’t changed much. Accessing media files – the bin area – is now available to the left of your screen as well as the right. This isn’t something I see as a big benefit personally but I’m sure some will. What I do like is that bits of media you use frequently like logo stings, graphics and images can now be stored in a Global file. That will save a lot of time since you won’t need to import those every time you edit a video.

Screenflow version 7 – Text Enhancements

Text Animations And Font Enhancements

The other big feature that Screenflow version 7 offers is a vastly improved text editor. Text can now be animated and a far wider range of fonts and font sizes are available than in previous versions. Sticking with the additional main features side of things Screenflow version 7 also offers a reverse clip feature. As you may have guessed this means you can set video and audio clips to play in reverse.

Touch callouts – available on screen recordings from attached ios devices such as iphones and ipads – have been available in Screenflow versions 5 and 6. In Screenflow version 7 they also get a makeover. Basically they offer much more creative possibilities than before.




On the video side of things you can now toggle between frame rates as both 30fps and 60fps are catered for. Audio mixing also gets a look in with 2 channel mixing from external devices.

Screenflow Version 7 Export Options

Loads More Options For Documents And Exporting

The other changes that come with Screenflow version 7 are less obvious but offer much more advanced exporting and resolution possibilities. You can go with an automatic export which will be fine for most of us. Advanced users can choose from a good range of preset export settings or can customise to suit. Telestream have also added a couple more direct export platforms ( and You can also now set up custom keyboard shortcuts to your hearts content. 

In general Screenflow version 7 offers a few nice new features that some have wanted for some time and a lot of enhancements to existing features. Version 5 and 6 users like myself will feel that the $39 upgrade is well worthwhile.  I also think that some who may have ready a more advanced editor will have a change of heart.

If you are in the market for a video editor that offers screen recording as well as stand alone video editing functions Screenflow version 7 is a good choice. It’s more intuitive than most editors and now has some pretty advanced features and refinements that you can grow into. The makers Telestream provide very comprehensive video tutorials on their site if you want to explore in more detail. Check them out on the link below.


screenflow version 7 review