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Viddyoze 3d animation and video software are celebrating their 5th birthday this week. As part of the celebration existing customers get a handful of new templates added to their accounts. A couple couple of them were just what I needed to complete a music video yesterday in fact so its a happy birthday from me!  If you haven’t seen Viddyoze in action check out my video walk through below. 

Basically the Viddyoze creators set out to make it easier and cheaper to make professional looking videos than ever before. They do this by providing you with ready made but customisable clips of all kinds from logo and title animations to live action, chroma key reveals. 

Having worked in the AV industry for a number of years I know how much it can cost to hire camera, lighting, sound, acting and directing talent.  Add special effects and editing to that and you are talking serious money. Basically its not an option for the average small business. Viddyoze live action templates however give them that possibility.

Their are numerous agencies out there where you can buy custom animations or have bespoke animations made for you. Again the prices can be steep, especially if video is an ongoing part of your business. Having access to DIY low cost customisable templates is therefore a very attractive proposition.

No Limits

You might thnk that template based animations would be limiting but not so. Viddyoze have come up with a way of churning out new animations at an incredible rate and they’ve been at it for 5 years. They now have pretty much every business niche covered  and the templates are more customiseable than ever before.

Like most SAAS businesses these days Viddyoze has an active community and social side where users can request animations. Their optional template club adds a loead new animations to your account monthly. If you are making videos for clients you are unlikely to ever run out.

When you buy Viddyoze you get 170 templates to start with. You can either buy a personal or commercial version depending on whether ypu purely make videos for your own use or for clients. For full details and prices check the link below.

I’ve been using Viddyoze 3d animation and video software now for a number of years. As I mentioned I use it for all sorts of things. For business videos I use mainly use the logo and title animations, tranistions and overlays. I often find myself logging in while I’m editing a video to see what I can find to add a bit of sparkle. 

A Simple Process

The process you follow is seriously simple. You search through the templates categories to find what you need: title. logo, live action scene etc. Then you select the one you want to use and follow the on screen instructions to customise it.

Depending on the template you can customise colours, texts and images. You can see a small live preview as you work. When you’re happy you hit “render” and that’s what happens. In a few minutes your finished masterpiece downloads and is ready to use. 

Finally Viddyoze also offer an Agency version for anyone who want to create a full time video agency. This offers all of their templates, unlimited renders, training and more. 

Viddyoze 3d Animation & Video Software Pros and Cons


Animations and Videos look great

Extremely cost effective

Wide range of templates

Easy to Use

Cloud based 

Great support and regular training webinars  


Can take quite long to render when a lot of users are rendering videos

Of the three video creation products I use Viddyoze is by far the one I use the most. I shoot most of my video content myself and just need some finishing touches. That’s really what Viddyoze 3d animation and video software is ideal for. Yes you could create entire videos with it but there are better options out there if you want to do that – Vidnami for example. 

I would definitely recommend you take a look at the Viddyoze demo page on the link below. 

Viddyoze 3d Animation & Video Software. A woman pulls her blouse open to reveal a t shirt printed with the Viddyoze log

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