Viddyoze Video Animation Platform

Viddyoze Video Animation Platform Review

Viddyoze video animation platform hit the virtual shelves recently with much fanfare. As I was in the market for a logo animation I decided to check it out. I was very impressed. I have since acquired their full suite of animations at the  low launch price (at time of writing this) I’ve also joined their template club which costs a paltry (again until prices go up post launch) $37 per month. In this post I’ll cover what you get and why I think its great value.

Here’s a video version of my review.

The Viddyoze video animation platform offers video makers a wide range of customisable video animation templates. These include logo, intro and outro stings, overlays, transitions and actual live action mini movies. In all cases you simply edit colours, text, logos and other content to suit your purpose.

So rather than learning complicated and pricey animation programmes yourself, or hiring a cast and crew to shoot a live action sequence, you can choose from hundreds of templates (added to on an ongoing basis) and tailor them to yours or your customers needs. Since the commercial licence option means that you own your finished downloads, this makes for a very viable business possibility in itself. That’s actually part of the vision that the Viddyoze team had in mind when building the platform.

Save Time And Money With Viddyoze Templates

I spent 12 years in the Audio Visual Industry so am aware of the costs involved in buying this stuff on the open market. There are sites out there where you can buy one off animations but this is a very much cheaper and faster option. You simply choose from as many templates as your subscription level allows, alter the images, text, colours and logos and hit render. After a short wait, the rendered clip is ready for use.

The Viddyoze Video Animation Platform offer three levels at present: Personal which provides a limited number of templates and a 40 downloads per month limit. Commercial, which offers a lot more templates and unrestricted downloads. Live action – templates featuring live footage e.g An actress approaches the camera and touches a hologram which reveals a logo or text or a couple of graffiti artists spray your logo or message onto a wall.

Viddyoze Video Animation Platform – Template club

Viddyoze also offer a monthly template club where for $37 per month (prices going up soon) You can access every new template the team creates. If you grab these products while at the launch price you can grab the lot for around $200 – which you could easily pay for a single animation with music elsewhere. The template club prices are also set to rise steeply so grabbing that at the current price is a no brainer. You can cancel that subscription at any time too.

So all told, the Viddyoze video animation platform offers a lot for very little. If you have a look at my video review above you’ll see what I mean. It’s worth mentioning too that the Viddyoze team offer a lot of detailed training and best practice advice on their various products. They also have an active Facebook and membership platform. If you cant find a template that precisely matches your needs you can ask the team build it. It’s incredible to see what other people are doing with these templates – entire videos in some cases. Highly recommended.


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