Moving Into The Digital Economy

moving into the digital economy

Moving into the digital economy  – the internet economy – from the now desperately ill traditional one is a lot like moving house. In fact in a very real way I did both at the same time. I’d proven to myself that I could generate an income online from anywhere. That gave me the confidence to put the city house on the market and move out to the sticks by the sea. On the very day we moved I had the biggest pay day of my life. It was like the universe was applauding our decision. 

Before we moved house we went through a decluttering process. Again there is a link with the digital revolution here. Over the 20 some years my partner and I had been together in various properties, we had accumulated a lot of stuff that was now obsolete. I’m talking books, vinyl albums and CDs here. We had thousands of them and they took up a lot of space. 

All of the music now existed as files on our phones, computers and mp3 players. I was mostly reading on my tablet. So the books – aside from my precious James Lee Burke, Lee Child, Stephen King and Cormack McCarthy hard backs – went to charity shops. The vinyl was sold to a specialist dealer and the CD’s went the way of the books. We’d been through a similar process with Video and audio tapes in our previous move.

The Internal De-clutter

Moving into the digital economy involves a similar decluttering process. Instead of outmoded media formats you need to clear out old fashioned ideas that no longer serve you. These include notions like jobs for life, the 9-5 and exchanging time for money.

When there are valid alternatives it makes no sense not to take them. When the economy based on those ideas is sinking like the Titanic while an alternative is thriving, its crazy not to jump ship – especially when there definitely are enough lifeboats…

But this mindset shift, like moving house can be hard work. Its very much easier if you do it methodically and use a reliable and very experienced firm to help. There’s less chance of expensive breakages or irreversible mistakes. And when you get to your wonderful new place, everything you need is there waiting for you. All you have to do is unpack it and start making the place yours. 

Like moving house, moving into the digital economy involves some learning. When you get to the new pad you need to learn where all the shops and services you need are. You need to get know the area and make some friends. In the digital economy you need to learn how things work. It’s still all about people but the way you connect with them is completely different.  

Moving Into The Digital Economy – The Movers

When I was moving into the digital economy, as with moving house I did it with help from a very experienced firm with a proven track record. There was more at stake than some broken crockery or forgotten furniture here. I was moving from a profession I had twenty years of experience in to one that I had basically none. I needed mentors.

Of course earning your living in the digital economy involves things like websites and business systems. You need to learn to attract your customers through blogs, videos and social media rather than face to face. It can be overwhelming. Again, this why you need to be smart about it and eat the elephant one bite at a time.

I still work with organisation that provided me with everything I needed when I started moving into the digital economy. That included mentorship, training, business systems and even an actual online business. I really have them to thank for the ability to move to the country and start living the kind of life I had never really believed was possible.

New World – New Skills

As I write this we approach Christmas 2020. Its safe to say that its been one of the worst years for the world in living memory. The traditional economy – already weakened by the internet – took a massive body blow from Covid and is on the ropes. At the same time the digital economy has seen a massive boost. More and more people are looking for the skills to thrive in an online, work from home world. 

If that’s you click on the link below and register for the same free videos that got me started. They are from an amazing organisation formed by two extremely successful internet entrepreneurs and business mentors. Over the last decade their unique community style platform has helped thousands of people from all over the world transition to the digital economy. 

moving into the digital economy

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